President’s Message:

As education budgets continue to shrink, we are concerned more than ever about how schools can continue to address the needs of low-income students who often require more, not less educational investment and support. The Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) has developed a tested and proven program that has served and graduated more than 663,000 parents and enhanced the education of more than 1.9 million K-12 students in California.

PIQE’s work is critical in promoting its Parent Engagement in Education Program to “Create a College-Going Culture” for all students. Working together with K-12 schools and increasingly partnering with colleges and universities, our programs deliver the kind of support families critically need. Despite current economic trends, we’ve been expanding our programs as the needs and demands within all low-income communities have increased.

Our accomplishments are many, but one that makes us most proud is our continued collaboration with the California State University system. In 2016 wecelebrated “A Decade of Collaboration between the California State University (CSU) system and PIQE”. This historical partnership demonstrates that by workingtogether we can help “Create a College-Going Culture” in our community. Through this partnership, close to 80,000 parents have graduated from PIQE’s programs in underserved K-12 schools; impacting the educational development of more than 240,000 students. We want to thank CSU Chancellor Timothy White for investing in parent engagement and student success. This support enables us to help more families and students, targeting underserve schools.

We have also received valuable support from many elected officials, corporations, foundations and private citizens. All of these entities recognize the valuable services PIQE offers parents as they prepare their children for success in K-12 schools, colleges, and beyond. We wish each and every one of our parent graduates the greatest success for their children, and thank all of our supporters and partners for helping us in this very important endeavor.


David Valladolid

President and Chief Executive Officer