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Santa Clara, CA 95050
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About Us

PIQE’s San Jose regional office was founded in 1996. Since its inception, the San Jose office has served over 643 schools in 36 school districts within the counties of Santa Clara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Alameda and San Mateo. This office has graduated more than 31,370 parents from PIQE’s programs, thus enhancing the education of approximately 94,110 students.

Janine Ramirez – Executive Director

As Executive Director of PIQE’s San Jose regional office, Janine Ramirez provides leadership and guidance by analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.  Ms. Ramirez also maintains proper organizational structure and effective personnel, partnering closely with senior management to plan the future growth of PIQE’s presence in the region, as well as its strategic response to education and industry trends.  Under her leadership, PIQE’s San Jose office has been elevated to a higher level.  Her commitment to delivering high quality programs has led to an increased demand for PIQE’s services throughout Santa Clara County and beyond.  Ms. Ramirez has succeeded in her efforts to make PIQE a leading parent engagement organization in the San Jose area.

Ms. Ramirez started with PIQE in 2008 as a facilitator in the Fresno office.  Three years, two promotions and one relocation later, she left her home in the Central Valley to take over the San Jose office in the summer of 2011.  Deeply involved in her community, Ms. Ramirez does not shy away from challenges that come her way.  She sits on the Board of Directors of the Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley (LCSV), a position she has held since 2012, and served in various roles, from Secretary to Program Chair, at the Engaged Latina Leadership Activist (ELLA) program.  She has participated in and graduated from the Latino Board Leadership Academy of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, the Latino Leadership Alliance and the leadership program at the Center for Comparative Studies for Race and Ethnicity at the Stanford Leadership Institute.  She speaks at a variety of conferences, panels, career days and education events. Ms. Ramirez graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

Despite her busy schedule, Ms. Ramirez always makes a point to spend as much quality time as possible with her husband, Mizraim, and her parents, Raul and Gloria, especially on weekends, when her family loves to have barbecues.  She enjoys dining at locally-owned restaurants, cooking her own recipes, drying fresh tea leaves, arts and crafts, do-it-yourself projects, meandering through book stores and stationery aisles, yoga and swimming.


Janine Ramirez
Executive Director
Mobile: 408.687.5437