Let’s Celebrate!

The journey began 35 years ago when our founders put passion to practice and ignited our commitment to social justice and educational equity. Today, our mission continues and is ever more crucial.

Serving nearly 750,000 families in 16 languages, we empower families to take an active role in their student’s education while building family-teacher-community partnerships and peer-to-peer networks. Through our evidence-based family engagement programs, we support families with the skills and tools needed to support their student’s educational outcomes and future success.

We’re proud of our history and honored by all who have given their time, talent and treasures to ensure we meet the needs of our families and schools so our children can thrive no matter the circumstances. This IS certainly a reason to celebrate!

Join us for a year filled with activities to commemorate 35 years of empowering families. You are all part of our history and we are eager to come together, share stories and impact and continue building upon our collaborative work.

Stay tuned for more details.

For Sponsorship Information, please contact Lucero Chavez, lchavez@piqe.org.

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