Art and Advocacy

Great conversation, creativity, and innovative ideas to support the Merced County at our recent Mujeres Poderosas meeting. Their goals for 2022 are focused on advocating for their student’s education, one of which is motivating and encouraging the students to express themselves and their voice. To help build their skills, the group invited Pedro Rivas Lopez, Founder of Arte Agua Vida Initiatives a local nonprofit inspiring future leaders through art, to share his story. Lopez shared how art has played a role in his educational and professional development as well as helping him mentor Central Valley youth to do the same.

Collaborating with local community members, children, and youth, Pedro worked to create safe spaces that engage the community by

Creative Voices – a mentorship program designed to inspire and motivate young and old minds to develop their creative voice while learning lifelong skills.

Community Transformations – an approach to engage the community in beautifying their home with visual storytelling, transform local businesses and bring art to their spaces, and an overall mission to create big change within a community with the power of art.

Arte Agua Vida

Knowledge of this opportunity, Mujeres Poderosas plan to bring Art Agua Vida to the Los Banos and Merced community. Hopes to engage the youth in productive ways come this new year. Thank you to Mr. Lopez for joining us and inspiring! This is where they hope art and advocacy will make a change in their students lives.