The new school year is upon us! As families prepare to send their children back to class, they may be wondering how to prepare their students. We at PIQE are happy to provide pointers for parents to help improve their students’ chances for academic success. After all, back-to-school success begins at home!

What do parents need to know?

To begin, here are three tips to jumpstart a successful school year: 

  1. Encourage a Routine: Building in day-to-day routines, like sitting down to eat a meal together, taking naps, playtime, reading, and down time helps to develop a child’s body clock. Routine is important to overall child development and, of course, to academic success. 
  1. Encourage Healthy Eating Habits: Children’s bodies need fuel to perform well in school. Stay away from energy-zapping fast foods and sweets. Instead, go for healthier, energy-boosting foods that contain protein, fruits, and vegetables. Specifically, fill their lunchbox up with wholesome snacks, like nuts, broccoli, black beans, blueberries, and even dark chocolate. All are good brain-boosting foods that stimulate memory and focus. 
  1. Encourage Good Sleeping Habits: According to, elementary-aged children and teenagers need at least 9-12 hours of sleep every night. Maintaining consistent bedtimes and wakeup times can have a positive effect on a child’s health and wellbeing. Begin by cutting off electronic use at least two hours before bed. The same goes with caffeine consumption. Create nightly routines that begin after dinner, like turning off the television, taking a shower, brushing teeth, reading a book, and tucking your child into bed. A good night’s sleep is key to performing well in school.

Back-to-school success begins at home, but we are here to help!

At PIQE, our success with parents, students, and educators over the past 35 years has proven that children’s academic performance greatly improves with active support from parents. Family engagement that begins at home carries over to school and beyond! 

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