Breaking Barriers. Building Bridges.

“Before the pandemic”.

This has become a new phrase heard in our conversations with families, co-workers, and peers. This phrase is a maker that separates the time we gathered together in person and apart. The families we serve have been resilient during this shift to the digital world we see today.

PIQE adapted to support our families in overcoming the challenges that the pandemic brought upon them. We implemented new evidence-based programs to support our families’ social-emotional health and integrated Digital Literacy into our Signature Programs. We also enhanced our Civic Engagement program to educate and uplift the voices of our community.

PIQE is committed to our families beyond our programs and by doing so, our families have an active role in their communities. They become empowered to use their voices to break down systemic barriers, gather together to discuss their hardships while sharing resources they have become aware of. PIQE strives to continue working strategically with our partners to advocate and elevate the voices of our families.

You see, the phrase “before the pandemic” is not merely a marker that separates time, but also a marker of the launching of voices shouting, “We are Better Together”.

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Sade Williams is PIQE’s Community Engagement Specialist