California Department of Education: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) is honored to be a presenter at California State Superintendent Tony Thurmond and the California Department of Education (CDE) first CDE Equity Summit 2021 on Friday, January 29, 2021. Intended for K-12 educators, administrators, and staff who are dedicated to equity, diversity, and inclusion, the summit will provide a space for learning, unlearning, and sharing as well as highlighting the use of local data to inform interventions of parents, students and staff. The summit will feature Liz Kleinrock, an anti-bias and anti-racist educator and author, and Dr. Tyrone Howard, Pritzker Family Endowed Chair in the School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA.

PIQE will present two of the eight breakout sessions being offered. PIQE President and CEO Gloria Corral will present on Family Engagement: Connecting During a Pandemic, a discussion on the complex challenges facing parents dues to the pandemic and how PIQE’s theory of change model addresses the holistic needs of families, teachers, and schools to achieve sustainable outcomes. PIQE Director of Policy Patricia E Chavez will present Beyond Connectivity: How Digital Literacy Impacts Online Learning and Schools, a discussion on how digital inequities are being compounded by the pandemic. PIQE will share current data and practices that have led to successful online engagement and distance learning support for parents, students, and their schools.

Additional sessions include:

Californians Together
Development of LCAPs through an English Learner Lens
This session will identify actions, services, programs, and resources that ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for English learners to be included in your LCAP. The resources include the LCAP Toolkit with research-aligned rubrics to identify and analyze the needs of your English learners.

Trauma-Informed Practices to Support Immigrant and Refugee Students
In this interactive session, participants will learn best practices to support immigrant and refugee students and walk away with tools and resources to support the social-emotional needs of K-12 immigrant students and families. Participants will engage in discussions about effective ways to leverage and improve structures or systems already in place in their schools and districts to ensure equitable practices that are asset-based and needs-responsive to best serve this population.

Youth Truth Survey
Driving Educational Equity with Student Voice Data
Too often, we make decisions as education leaders without the voices of the people that we are trying to serve, our students—especially our low-income students, students of color, and other students who have been historically marginalized. This session will help you better understand how to use student perception data to drive forward your equity work. We will explore findings from student surveys administered across the country, share best practices for identifying inequities in student experiences, and apply research-based protocols and practical tips for discussing and taking action to address inequities in your school system.

Ed Trust West
A Pathway to Equitable Math: Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction
Rachel Ruffalo will introduce A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction, a toolkit of resources that were developed by math teachers, coaches, professional development providers, and language development specialists to support teachers in their journey toward anti-racist instruction during the pandemic and beyond. The session will focus on Stride 1: Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction, which provides educators with a framework and a learning cycle to transform traditional approaches to anti-racist practices. While the focus of this tool is mathematics education, the framework and learning cycle can be applied to any discipline.

Santa Clara County Office of Education
Ways 2 Equity Playbook: A Navigational Tool to Equitable Schools
The Ways 2 Equity Playbook was developed as a navigational tool for school sites and districts to support their equity journey. This workshop will provide an overview of the playbook so participants can learn how to utilize this tool. Every participant will receive access to the Ways 2 Equity Playbook and its resources.

Andre Robert Lee
They Say What is Happening is Un-American. But Historically it is Very American
Understanding racism from a systemic perspective is a path to become an antiracist. Inequities in the education system are related to the historical misallocation of resources. This session will be a chance to discuss how this presents itself in current school systems. André Robert Lee’s films explore these issues and spark conversations. The conversation will start with information from the field and experiences of participants.

Closing Session: Equity as a Pathway to Racial and Social Justice
Speaker: Dr. Tyrone Howard
Tyrone C. Howard is the Pritzker Family Endowed Chair in the School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. He is the director of the UCLA Pritzker Center for Strengthening Children & Families, the UCLA Black Male Institute, and the UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools. Professor Howard’s research examines race, culture, and educational equity. Professor Howard was named by Education Week as one of the top 30 scholars in the nation’s infusing education practice and policy.

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