Celebrate Women’s History Month with Us!

During the month of March, PIQE proudly celebrates the invaluable contributions of women. As we reflect on their powerful voices, gentle touches, and courageous fights, we invite you to embark on our 2024 Women’s History Month Social Media Challenge. Join our journey of strength, community, and the unbreakable bond of womanhood as we pay tribute to the powerful women shaping our world.

How can you Participate?

1. Engage Daily: Follow us on @PIQEUSA and participate in our daily themed challenges using the hashtag #PIQEWHM2024.

2. Spread the Word: Rally your friends, family, and community to join in the celebration! The more voices we unite, the more profound our tribute becomes.

3. Organize and Collaborate: Partner with local women’s organizations and community groups to create events or workshops centered around women’s history.

Weekly Breakdown