Christian Maxwell – Executive Director Bay Area

Originally from Los Angeles, I moved to San Diego at the age of 21 where I lived for 14 years before I came to the Northern California area. I have 2 Bachelors, 2 Masters, 1 official Doctorate in Human Psychology / Industrial and Organizational Leadership and 1 that I am completing in Marriage and Family Therapy with an emphasis in trauma. With over 20 years of experience in non-profit education, I have made it a mission to become an advocate for education and the populations that it serves. Through my years I have worked with community leaders to promote education within the underserved communities.

I have been an advocate for education and the pursuit of quality education for over 15 years. I have enjoyed helping and volunteering my time as a coach, as a mentor, and advocate for students across the nation. It is a goal to help refine the support that is given to families about education.

Each student deserves to have resources that enhance their educational experience. Diverse learning environments have a positive effect on students and how they use their critical thinking skills, their civic commitment, and aids in the preparation to work in a more global economy.

In my spare time I like to read, cook, and I love sports. I have coached youth sports for over 14 years, and it was a very rewarding experience. I am a single parent with two teenagers in college who have volunteered along my side through the years.