Empowering Every Voice

Welcome to the Central Valley Multilingual Consortium, where we believe in the power of every student’s voice, regardless of the language they speak at home. Nestled in the heart of California's Central Valley, a vibrant tapestry of cultures and languages enriches our communities. Here, 21% of K-12 students are navigating their education through the lens of learning English, bringing unique perspectives and boundless potential to our classrooms.

Our Vision

We stand with refugee, immigrant, low-income families, and newcomer students, recognizing the untapped promise they bring to our communities. In a region celebrated for its cultural diversity, we face a critical challenge: a 22 percentage-point gap in college readiness for English Learner (EL) students. It is our collective responsibility to bridge this divide.

Calls to Action: 

  1. Increase support for linguistically and culturally relevant environments in schools and communities, ensuring students and their families feel welcomed, valued, and understood. 
  2. Support programs that welcome and empower newcomer, refugee, and immigrant, and low-income families, offering resources to help them successfully engage with the education system and thrive in our communities
  3. Advocate for equitable access to rigorous coursework and college-preparatory programs for all students, empowering them and their families to dream big and unlock educational opportunities. 
  4. Expand professional development for educators and staff focusing on cultural competency, so they can build strong partnerships with diverse families and effectively support the needs of all students. 
  5. Demand accountability for the educational outcomes of EL students, ensuring equitable distribution of resources that support their academic success and inform families about their child’s progress.