AT&T helps close the digital divide

PIQE and community partners joined the President of Fresno State, President of AT&T California, Fresno County Supervisors and Fresno City Mayor and Council President to celebrate AT&T’s commitment to helping students close the digital divide.

President of Fresno State Saul Jimenez-Sandoval, President of AT&T California Rhoda Johnson and the AT&T team along with Fresno County Supervisors Steve Brandau and Sal Quintero and Fresno City Mayor Jerry Dyer and Council President Luis Chavez gathered at Fresno State’s DISCOVERe Hub to announce AT&T $350,000 award benefiting a number of local community-based organizations including the One Fresno Foundation and a grant of $200,000 to support Fresno State’s DISCOVERe Mobile Technology Program

“AT&T is proud to support Fresno State’s DISCOVERe Program, our collaborative effort in narrowing the digital divide in Fresno. This program is so critical because it reduces digital equity gaps by providing students with access to the latest technology tools and devices at no additional cost.”

Rhonda Johnson, president of AT&T-California

Resources such as these provide critical holistic supports for students and families. PIQE survey findings reveal digital barriers continue for families. Fresno State has also identified that access to computing equipment and connectivity has been identified as a barrier for some students.

Access to technology is a significant resource for helping students be successful from the moment they arrive at Fresno State until graduation. 

Fresno State

The DISCOVERe program is designed to foster a learning environment that is inclusive and engages students to improve their success in the classroom. DISCOVERe helps students master digital literacy skills that are critical for jobs in today’s workplace. Launched in 2014, the DISCOVERe program transforms the classroom experience, providing students with engaging material through the use of laptops, tablets or smartphones. This helps students master digital literacy skills that are increasingly needed for jobs in today’s workforce. It increases group collaboration and reduces the cost of classroom textbooks and other materials by up to 72%. 

This academic year, 4,740 Fresno State students are enrolled in 147 DISCOVERe courses. Almost 4,000 mobile devices have been distributed to students, and 35 students work as DISCOVERe guides, helping to deploy the technology.

DISCOVERe with the help of AT&T was a crucifl Fundamental element in success in being a leader today, this is turning the way for more students.”

President Saul Jimenez-Sandoval

For more information, read Fresno State’s article