Support during COVID-19 Crisis and Distance Learning

PIQE is supporting California families with online connectivity and navigation, bridging families to resources, and helping families to re-engage and transition to distance learning during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Our Enhanced Support Services

The COVID-19 crisis has increased the demand for our support. Most resources, applications, and information, as well as academic learning tools and school updates, are found online. While many parents have access to mobile technology, they have little to no skills navigating online resources. Very few online resources are translated or written simply with easy to follow instructions.

Person to person connection remains critical in connecting with parents and supporting needs. That is why PIQE has made more than 54,000 calls to families in their native language to help develop digital skills in a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment. PIQE is helping parents develop new skills like how to establish an email and how to navigate websites. These are all new skills that will help families in the future.

Our programs have continued online with hundreds of families attending weekly – many of whom have completed their programs. Celebrate their success below!

Our Support Includes:

  • Initiate one-on-one contact with each family to assess needs and provide personalized support
  • Coach and support parents on how to navigate mobile technology, SMS/text, web, social media, video conferencing and school website
  • Facilitate weekly virtual parent engagement workshops to support distance learning and reduce social isolation
  • Provide ongoing one-on-one follow up and translation of materials
  • Identify and re-adapt parent engagement curriculum in real-time to respond to current school and academic needs 
  • Provide interactive Q & A with the principal, teachers, counselors, and/or topic experts


We’ve seen an explosion of words and terms being used for our children’s return to school. What do they mean and why are they important? Check out our page with a growing list of words and terms that may be helpful.


Visit our online resource page for a list of state and national community and education partners and support websites. For resources in your specific region please visit our contact page for your neighborhood PIQE office. Here is a download of our Back to School Webinar Slides.

Social Media

Turn your Facebook page into a valuable tool to keep you and your family updated. Follow your school or school district pages, county offices, or your favorite local organizations for the latest support and updates. Follow @PIQEUSA Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or regional PIQE Facebook pages for updates.

Education Terminology

Message from CA State Superintendent Tony Thurmond

Message from CA State Deputy Superintendent Dr. Gregson

UCSD-TV offers a series of videos to help parents with tools they can use at home.

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Internet, child care and other questions answered.

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Questions to ask your school

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