EdWeek: COVID Protocols Keep Changing.

Education Week recently interviewed parents including PIQE parent Cynthia Matos for insight and tips for how schools can better communicate with families. Matos, who is from Merced, California shared with EdWeek that she “appreciates all the text and email updates she receives from the Weaver Union school district. While she, her husband, and her 8th grade son are vaccinated, she fears in particular for her 2nd grade son who can’t get that protection. She believes meetings where district leaders can explain why they have the COVID-19 protocols they do, what goes into the decision-making process, and where parents can then share their own thoughts and questions would be helpful to make sure everyone is on the same page.”

“The more information I have, the better sense I have of how the school is handling the situation and it puts me at ease,” Matos said in Spanish. I know it’s not easy for anyone, not for me as a parent, not for the staff, not for the teachers. We’re all in the same boat,” she added.

Cynthia Matos, PIQE Modesto Parent

Education Week’s COVID Protocol Keep Changing. Here’s How Schools Can Keep Parents in the Know by Illeana Najarro provides four tips for better communication with families based on parent interviews. The four tips are:

  1. Principals should communication COVID-19 updates to teachers early and often
  2. Figure out how parents want to communicate
  3. Use translation services to help multilunugal families
  4. Build communication approaches that will maximize transperancy

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