Emma Cabrera – Executive Director Los Angeles

Emma Cabrera serves as the Executive Director of PIQE’s Los Angeles Regional Office. As Executive Director, she provides leadership and guidance by analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.  Ms. Cabrera also maintains proper organizational structure and effective personnel, partnering closely with senior management to plan the future growth of PIQE’s presence in the region, as well as its strategic response to the education and industry trends.  Prior to joining PIQE, Ms. Cabrera was an Associate Director of Education at St. Annes and Regional Site Director at PACE. Ms. Cabrera is also a former Healthy Families, First Five L. A. Program Supervisor at Wellnest.

For over 23 years, Ms. Cabrera has worked in the field of education.  She began her educational career as a room parent and was the Chairperson for the Policy Committee at ABC Child Development and the Chairperson for DELAC at San Gabriel School District. She has worked with students and parents at levels from birth to K in non-profit organizations. Ms. Cabrera has worked closely with LACOE while employed at Delegate agencies from Los Angeles County Office of Education.

Ms. Cabrera joined PIQE on April 25th,2022. Ms. Cabrera has a B.A in Child Development with an emphasis in Administration from CSULA where her thesis was utilized as an example for the next few quarters, and a M.A. Child Development with an emphasis in Trauma Studies from Pacific Oaks College, Ms. Cabrera also possess a Family Development Credential.

Ms. Cabrera is passionate about helping families and empowering them to become self-efficient and community resourceful. Ms. Cabrera strongly believes in education equity. She grew up in Magdalena, Jalisco, a small rural agricultural community. Ms. Cabrera’s parents valued education highly and expected all their children to become professionals. Ms. Cabrera is proud of her two sons who are professionals in accounting and finance.