Families at the Heart

California parent leaders kicked off the year with vigor – having meaningful discussions and strategizing on how to move mountains in 2022.

Mujeres Poderosas (Powerful Women)

Mujeres Poderosas, a group of Merced County parent leaders supported by PIQE and Cultiva de Salud, began the year with a discussion on COVID-19 and children’s vaccinations, distance learning and redistricting. During these discussions, we find that many families are still misinformed and fearful of vaccinating themselves and their children to attend schools.

“Some locations are requesting social security and other personal information to get vaccinated. This is not right or fair and causing more fear to get vaccinated.”

-stated one parent member.

Having a safe space for questions and discussions, the Mujeres Poderosas bi-weekly gatherings provide an opportunity for parent members to hear from civic, community, health leaders and professionals, receive up to date information on issues and events. At our January meeting, Health Equity for All Project was invited for a presentation and discussion to support health access and outcomes as well as provide up to date information on Covid-19 and vaccinations. PIQE also keeps families up to date through our social media and PIQE app platforms to empower them with information at the click of a button on devices they have access to and have adopted during this pandemic.

Fresno County Resident Council

Our PIQE Resident Council members will also begin the year with their discussion on the four main issues that affect the Fresno County. In December 2021, they had their Issue Assembly event where they enjoyed getting to know each other face-to-face and had intentional conversations about their experiences during this last year as it relates to the lack of support and resources available to them. They gained a clear vision of what is most important and agreed on the four main issues:

  • Safe and Inclusive Schools for All
  • Mental Health
  • Childcare and Workers Rights for Economic Opportunities for Families
  • Affordable Housing in Healthy Communities with Access to Public Services and Infrastructure, Academic Success and Digital Literacy.

With hopes for a solid plan to find solutions by May 2022 for at least one issue, each member of the council will select one Issue Caucus group to begin their research and discuss strategies in the coming months to be presented in their meeting with community leaders. It’s moments and opportunities such as these where we see our parent leaders find their voice and move mountains.

With families at the heart of our work, we are seeing positive movement for a better year! If you’d like more information or have questions regarding our parent leaders, please contact Sade Williams at swilliams@piqe.org.