FAMILY LITERACY PROGRAM (Preschool to 3rd Grade)

Developed in partnership with the California Reading and Literature Project, the Family Literacy Program introduces the five elements of literacy equipping families with strategies to support literacy at home. Families are introduced to Dr. Shefelbine’s Literacy Framework of Skills with fun, interactive and purposeful reading strategies. Reading development is emphasized with a direct connection to student’s overall academic success.

  • Nine-week program | Once a week, 60 minute-sessions
  • Includes strategies on supporting literacy through narrative (fiction) and expository (non-fiction) text aligned with the intent of the CA Common Core Standards
  • Parents will take part in various activities to help students including:
    • recognize and decode words
    • hear and use sounds
    • learn new words and how to apply
    • develop fluency and reading comprehension
    • practice writing
    • study and complete homework
    • AND MORE!

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