Fresno County Resident Council

For our PIQE parents graduation is just the beginning. From July 2021 to January 2022, five of our parent graduates will represents PIQE as a Resident Council member as we partner with The Children Movement- Fresno. The Resident Council is comprised of several community-based organizations such at Go Public Schools -Fresno, Every Neighborhood Partnership, and Reading and Beyond. Each CBO recruited parents, youth, and elderly representatives from Fresno County which now make up the 100 represented members of the Resident Council.

One of our representatives has been nominated by PIQE  to serve as a member of the Core Leadership Team for the Resident Council. This team will serve as the executive committee of the Fresno Resident Council, taking greater responsibility for how the resident council will achieve their goals as a community. Each have a different story and come from small rural towns in the central valley where resources and support are minimal. They have committed themselves to train, engage in conversations on the needs of the community, empower their peers to utilize their stories and experiences, and collaborate with community leaders to change policy, bringing more funding to the Central Valley. Their involvement in the community and with PIQE has excided our expectations of how far a parent will go to see their family and community thrive.

​​​Originally published on August 17, 2021