Getting Families Ahead of the Curve

The newly elected Superintendent of Schools for Fresno County, Dr. Michele Cantwell-Copher, has started her term in full force. With an invitation to meet the new superintendent, I discovered that Dr. Cantwell-Copher is down to earth and a loving mother. Not to mention enthusiastically active and engaged and here for the long haul!

Building connections and partnerships to support the needs of our families is always at the forefront of PIQE’s engagement in the community. As opportunities arise, we shoot to work collaboratively to ensure our families are ahead of the curve and not left in the dust. As such, leaving our meeting with a second invitation to join the Superintendent’s Community Advisory Council, I learned that she is not all talk but ACTION.

The new council is made of 40 members representing the beautiful diversity of Fresno County. We will meet quarterly to discuss and strategize a shared vision:

  • For safe schools.
  • Equitable support services for our 0 to 5 babies.
  • An equal representation of educators to their students.
  • Create success places where students can meet their full potential.

During our first meeting we made introductions, discovering the scope of work, services, and heart we have at the table. As Tou Her, Lead of Parent Services for FCSS, stated, “We are from the GHETTO – Getting Higher Education to Teach Others!”

The members of the council are committed to uphold the mission to “facilitate communication between community stakeholders and the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools through collaborative conversations and sharing insight on important matters that affect Fresno County students ages 0 to 22.” I can say without a doubt that our ambition to make our community thrive is in alignment with one another.

For more information regarding PIQE’s Engagement, please contact Sade Williams –Lead of Engagement and Strategic Initiatives – | 559-498-9748.