PIQE means commitment, commitment to social justice and educational equity. PIQE means empowerment, we empower families to change the trajectory of their children’s education by giving them the tools to engage in their school and community.

With our #IAmPIQE campaign we want to raise awareness not only about the importance of our mission, but also the dedication and passion of our team; the support and encouragement of our partners and funders; and the desire of our families to better themselves.

Many of us first came to PIQE as parents, we know firsthand the impact that our workshops can have on the lives of our families, and that is what moves us.  

“I work at PIQE because it is a personal journey. I met PIQE as a parent, and the information that was provided to me allowed not only me to graduate from college but for my daughters to be college graduates as well. Having the opportunity to share that information, I call it ‘the toolbox of wealth’ with our families is what has kept me with PIQE for over 20 years,” said Mildred Gains, Director of National Partnerships.

At PIQE we know that programs like the ones we offer can transform the lives of not just a student, but generations.

“I work in PIQE because we bridged the gap when I was in high school,” said Veronica Lopez, Deputy Director at our Fresno office. “We did not have these types of resources for my parents, and they didn’t know about sending me to a college or university. I followed in the path of my brothers and sisters and that is why I am here continuing to do the mission.”

We represent PIQE. We know the challenges and struggles that families face in understanding the educational system in this country. We know that it is not easy to lift your voice when you do not have the knowledge or the confidence. That is why we put our heart and soul into our work.

Gabriela Rios, Executive Director at our Fresno and Modesto offices said, “I work at PIQE for three reasons. First, because it represents my family. Second, because we have the power to change the world. Third, because it is a personal journey.”

At PIQE we honor educators! Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world; it creates knowledge, builds confidence, and breaks down barriers to opportunities.

“I want to be an educator, I want to be a Spanish professor,” said Yosduan Ramos, Deputy Director at our Bakersfield office, “but to do so, I need to get my PhD.” Ramos added that he works at PIQE because by working with parents he is still able to impact the lives of students while he gets his degree.

“I really appreciate PIQE’s vision to empower families to get a higher education,” said Ramos. “It gives me great satisfaction to be able to share the knowledge that I have with our families, and at the same time achieve my goals so that I can continue sharing the knowledge with the rest of the community.”

We are a family. “To be a family means to be caring, involved and active in each other’s lives”, said Liliana Valadez, Associate Director at the Modesto office.

“Being part of the PIQE Family has been a blessing for me”, said Valadez. “For the past 14 years, PIQE has allowed me to be a caring and empowered mother. PIQE gave me the tools to be able to plant the seed of love for education in my children.”

“As a professional, I have been able to hand out to families the key that opens the door to a plentiful, happy and successful life”, she added.

We are proud to be part of PIQE. We will continue impacting the lives of thousands of families for many years to come.