Our success with parents, students, and educators has proven that children’s academic performance improves with a parent’s positive attitude and support towards their education. Parent involvement that begins at home must continue at school.

For 36 years we have been empowering families, serving communities, and building partnerships. We provide evidence-based programs to more than 20,000 families and nearly 400 schools annually. We work with English Learners, immigrants, refugees, and low-income families and communities.

California presence in 36 of 58 counties

National presence in 14 states

Enhanced the education of more than 2.25 million students since its inception

Parents completed programs

Programs delivered in 16 languages.

PIQE’s signature program has been studied by independent reviewers since its inception and the results have been widely published. Click here to learn more.


Measuring effectiveness is essential to our work, our parents and our partners. We continue to measure our program effectiveness by administering and analyzing retrospective survey responses. The surveys provide us valuable information and actionable data to share with schools and districts, to continue learning together and to help build upon our efforts.

Data 2021-2O22



Family Participation
and Onboarding


Families Completed


One-on-One Calls Made in
Family’s Home Language

PIQE Unemployment

Data Winter 2022

The Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) provided family engagement programming to families in Winter of 2022. Programmatic goals included promoting positive social emotional behavior that supports student’s academic success and reinforcing a college-going mindset at home. PIQE program participants engaged in the retrospective survey administered at the conclusion of the course.. For extended data analysis, please contact Senior Program Associate Nadia Hernandez – nhernandez@piqe.org

Survey Results Before and After PIQE Program

Families understanding the relationship between their student’s self-esteem and academic performance

Families understanding of the five key points to help their student attend a university

Families familiarity  with accessing digital educational resources like homework assignments

Families understanding of California’s standardized testing system (CAASPP and ELPAC)

Before 49%
After 83%
Before 29%
After 80%
Before 55%
After 83%
Before 26%
After 71%

Families understanding of the Common Core State Standard (CCC)

Families understanding of Grade Point Average (GPA)

Families understanding of the different career majors that lead to careers in STEM

Families understanding on how to identify triggers of emotional distress for their student

Before 29%
After 74%
Before 33%
After 80%
Before 37%
After 95%
Before 47%
After 84%

2018 Longitudinal Study

A 2018 longitudinal study conducted by San Diego State University found that students whose parents participated in PIQE’s Parent Engagement program graduated from high school at a higher rate and enrolled in college or university at a higher rate than peers with similar backgrounds statewide in California.

High School Graduates

Students whose parents attended PIQE: 96%
California Department of Education: 80%

University & College Enrollments

Students whose parents attended PIQE: 70%
CA Postsecondary Ed. Commission: 40%