Inspiring Families

“From the start, I knew college was important, but PIQE taught me why and how to help my children get a college education. I’m happy to share that my oldest daughter graduated from UC Berkeley and earned a master’s degree from Loyola University. My second daughter will be graduating this year from Georgetown University and my oldest son is in his second year at UC Berkeley. My youngest son is a sophomore at Animo Pat Brown High School and even though this is my fourth and last child going through high school, I knew there was much more I needed to learn. So, I decided to take another PIQE workshop. Success will always be there for those who want to take that extra step.”

– Dulce Briones, Parent, PIQE Los Angeles

“Neither my wife nor I grew up in America and as a result, we know very little about how the education system works here. While we try to figure out bits and pieces of information mainly by researching on the internet and talking with friends and other parents, we don’t really know what we don’t know. PIQE gave us a variety of information that is critical for parents to know. Once I came, I realized the enormous value of the PIQE classes, and I have attended all since then. We have two sons, a seventh grader at Rancho Milpitas Middle and a fifth grader at John Sinnott Elementary. I encourage more parents to take advantage of future PIQE workshops and utilize the important information PIQE offers to help our children succeed.”

– Azariah Jeyakumar, Parent, PIQE Santa Clara