JOIN US: Reimagine a Better Future for English Learners

For too long our nation’s multilingual learners have been an afterthought when they should be our priority. During this critical time we must make sure that we’re providing effective, inclusive, robust curricula and resources with them in mind.

Parent Institute for Quality Education has joined the Coalition for English Learner Equity launched our Statement of Agreement to address the education disparities faced by English Learners (ELs) across the US. We’re calling on others to join us in demanding that our nation’s 4 million+ ELs are the center of the conversation.

The Coalition for English Learner Equity calls for all individuals and groups working to improve the education system for linguistically and culturally diverse students to join us in reimagining education and commit to the following based on their areas of expertise.

CELE stands ready to support education leaders, teachers, and practitioners in any and all of these endeavors to move all levels of the education system towards a collective mission and vision as articulated in this Statement of Agreement. For resources and tools for specific roles in the education ecosystem, please see our Tools and Resources. We intend to hold our coalition accountable for the changes we want to see.

Join this movement by signing our Statement of Agreement or by joining as a member of the coalition