A Shared Responsibility

Family challenges are not isolated to the home but can impact every aspect of a child’s life: education, health, the environment – to name just a few. Understanding their role and responsibility in schools and in community, empowers parents to move forward and establish stronger relationships with school and civic leaders. Together with our partners, PIQE provides expanded opportunities for parents to grow as school and community leaders and take an active positive role as partners in solutions.


This program focuses on developing parents’ capacity to engage in their child’s school at a deeper level by recognizing that the educational system faces many challenges. Parents reflect on their leadership qualities, identify critical school-centered issues impacting education, and learn how to establish a parent leadership team. They acquire tools that will help them conduct productive meetings with the principal and/or school staff. At the end of the sessions, parents will lead a dialogue with the principal, presenting from the parents’ perspective the most urgent needs affecting students at that school. Parents go on to serve as liaisons and role models for other parents.


The nine-week program actively engages parents in their community to promote civic participation. Parents connect with local community organizations and network with others who are passionate about social and community change. In addition, parents learn about historical social movements and are informed about the American democratic process, models of leadership, and elements of effective strategy for change. Curriculum objectives include:

  • Identification of their role, individually and collectively, in relation to circles of power
  • Identification of various ways in which parents can participate in their community.
  • Understanding of how a united and organized community can become a powerful resource for decision-makers and community at large.
  • Opportunity to join, participate or begin a local campaign.

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