Milestones to Transformative Action

The Fresno County Resident Council continues its work to provide lived experience, ideas and solutions with Fresno C2C Partnership Table to create a shared policy agenda. The council, including PIQE’s Sade Williams and five PIQE parent reps, joined partner CBOs and parent reps to vote on the top community issues.

During a weekend meeting – Issue Assembly Day – resident council members and Anchor Community Based Organizations representatives discussed and vote on top community issues to address in the coming year.

  • Safe and Inclusive Schools for All
  • Childcare
  • Menthal Health
  • Affordable Housing in Healthy Communities with access to Public Services and Infrastructure with Digital Literacy and Academic Success as an additional sub-issue

Academic success encompasses digital literacy no matter how you try to spin it; having access to a great infrastructure and Wi-Fi is now a utility and no longer a luxury. It’s like your water and your power, access to get the necessities is vital.

Resident Council member

These conversations and steps forward are crucial milestones to transformative action for the livelihood of students, families, and the greater area of Fresno County.