Monique Escobedo | Director of Research

After nearly two decades of service in the K12 and higher education sectors, Monique joins PIQE as the Director of Research. Monique’s research training and experience comes from doctoral level preparation, and over 10 years of working on equity-centered projects with learners of all ages in academic settings, as well as within Latinx and Indigenous communities in the US and México. Monique is passionate about collaborating with individuals and communities to develop the critical knowledge and tools needed for lasting success and mobility across generations. Monique’s favorite thing about research is that it gives people a platform to share their experiences and valuable insights that can directly inform culturally responsive advocacy efforts on their behalf in ways that they truly want and need. Outside of work, Monique enjoys a “rest as resistance” philosophy that includes spending quality time with her family, trying new recipes in the kitchen, and taking long walks with her dog, Goldie.