Welcome to Our National Best Practices Model

We partner with schools and communities across the country to ensure students reach their full potential.

Since 2002, spanning 13 U.S. states and Mexico City, PIQE partners with school leaders to help teachers and school administrators successfully engage with families from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Our evidence-based model enhances family engagement, providing educators the tools they need to effectively deliver parent-training curricula. The content of our training is designed in collaboration with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), comprised of national research on the best practices of parent involvement. Topics include obstacles to parent involvement, language and cultural differences, and research supporting both teacher and parent efforts.

Best Practices Model Licensing Agreement

Our Best Practices Model is designed for school districts that wish to implement the entire PIQE experience, but are not located near a one of our regional office. PIQE provides training and ongoing coaching and support to districts nationwide for one full year, including two onsite visits. Partners receive our licensed parent-training curriculum that is adaptable to meet your school/district needs.

PIQE Boot Camp

Staff of participating districts are invited to attend a week-long training in California to exercise our “Best Practices” strategies, including culturally-relevant parent recruitment methods, recruiter and facilitator selection and training, PIQE curriculum orientation and methodology. Participants will receive coaching on how to increase family involvement, as well as accompany PIQE staff as they conduct a parent-training class, attend facilitator meetings, deliver recruitment training, and apply quality control protocols. 


Site Visits to Participating Districts

PIQE staff visits participating districts twice in one year to conduct in-depth curriculum coaching, recruitment, and coordination of onsite training. On the second visit, our staff assists in launching the local program, offering comprehensive training with the following:

  • Parent Engagement in Education Program
  • PIQE’s operating manuals; covers administration, operations, curriculum, facilitators, and recruitment
  • Ongoing telephone consultation

Additional Programs

The following workshop curriculum may be added at an additional fee:

  • STEM Program for Families
  • Early Childhood Development Program
  • Four Month Follow-up Parent Coaches Program
  • Teachers’ Workshop on Effective Parent Engagement

*Licensing terms and trainings are subject to change.