Nicole D. Porter, Ed.D.

Passion and commitment to serving children and families has been the driving force in her educational and professional journey. Dr. Porter has over 25 years’ experience in developing and implementing impactful programs for young children, families, college students, and educators.

Dr. Porter currently serves as the Interim Vice-President of Student Services and Equity at American River College in Sacramento, California.  Prior to this role she also served as the Dean of Humanities at American River College. Both of these roles include leading and supporting both instructional and student support programs through a culturally reflective lens.

Beyond academia, Dr. Porter has collaborated with community-based organizations, local educational agencies, and even the federal government to drive positive changes in the lives of children and their families. These experiences have enriched her understanding and deepened her commitment to fostering equitable educational excellence.

She is supported by her loving husband of over 26 years and her emerging adult children, “I am fueled by their unwavering encouragement to continue making a difference and my leadership style is grounded in servant leadership principles, where I strive to empower others and promote growth within our community.”