Overcoming the Perfect Storm

We are “The Other California” – The Central Valley. Many do not know we exist and are often overlooked and underfunded. Here we are 220 languages. We are diverse, agriculturally sound, rural in our small towns, and made of beautiful faces from all around the world. And in our rural communities, the lack of opportunities and its correlation with a lack of support is paramount. To many the pandemic still is about working with the fear of exposure, not working due to the lack of affordable childcare, not to mention unstable living conditions. This epidemic has created a critical state leaving our families with no outlet creating the Perfect Storm.

In dealing with the Perfect Storm, I remember the words of a notable African American writer,

‘Be careful of the single issue. None of us are single issues.”

Audre Lorde

What we discover that lies at the core of this storm reflects the disparities of a broken system or systems leading to misinformation or the lack of knowledge. Participating in our various workshops, our families become aware of their rights as parents, the responsibilities of each role throughout the systems, and fully comprehend them. Empowered, they are now moving up the systemic interventions and deepening their understanding.

Our PIQE Alumni, such as the Mujeres Ponderosas, continue to work together on equitable and sustainable opportunities for their communities. They are building small local groups and participating in partnerships across the valley. With our strategically action-oriented discussions that are cross-sector and inclusive of all voices, PIQE has provided more insight into the realities of our circumstances. By intentionally sharing our stories, and our realities, we take steps (sometimes small ones) toward a more promising prosperous future.

For more information on parent leaders please contact Sade Williams – PIQE Community Engagement Specialist – at swilliams@piqe.org or 559-498-9748.