PIQE Ambassadors

The most powerful voices are those of PIQE parents. Their experiences and passion for their families, education, community and the PIQE mission help advance local, state and federal policies that support families today and into tomorrow.   

PIQE Ambassadors are PIQE parent graduates representing various regions of California who join in PIQE’s mission to continue advancing educational opportunities through advocacy activities. PIQE Parent Ambassadors will continue building their leadership and advocacy skills while creating transformation in family engagement and policy through strategic advocacy efforts with PIQE.

Meet our Ambassadors

If you are inspired to take a more active role or know someone who embodies the spirit of community empowerment, we invite you to apply or nominate a candidate for our Parent Ambassador Group. This platform offers a unique chance to contribute directly to the education and advancement of our families.

Apply today via this link. Together, we can continue to make a significant impact in our communities.