Partnerships in Solidarity

California a pioneer of the nation. Viewed for its approaches in policy, advocacy work, and exceptional efforts in higher ed and opportunities for newcomers. During the pandemic, like other states, California faces challenges amongst their Latino population. Our Partnership is mobilizing to meet monthly to organize for equitable community change for the counties of Merced and Stanislaus. Latinos are the largest demographic in California (39%). Their communities fall behind in supporting essential needs as continued disparities of resources, educational opportunities, and lack of employment ensued.

Education and Employment Disparities

In recent years, graduation rates doubled in CSU system and Latinos make up 43% of the undergraduate population. Yet, Latino students continue to struggle to overcome the perpetual system barriers causing the stagnation of their educational growth.

“…these challenges have only been made worse by the pandemic, which has disproportionately affected the Latino community across the state.”

The State of Higher Education of Latinx Californias report

With an average income level lower than the states, it’s clear why rural communities in Central Valley do not see progression. Policy changes and advocacy efforts like ours hope to improve the educational system and other systemic barriers. The partnership continues to support the families of Merced and Stanislaus counties and we aspire to help shift the focus to the masses and empower. We ask ourselves; how do we create cross-system partnerships involving stakeholders from the various systems that support parents and families to ensure that the reimagined ecosystem is children/family centered and equity focused? For a true equitable community where families are breaking out of impoverished communities, strategic planning and actions towards a better tomorrow must be the now.

This month, our group – SEIU 521, Alzheimer’s Association, Merced County Office of Education – EESP, Livingston Health Center, Merced County Office, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, All Dads Matter, California Telephone Access Program, Bitwise-Modesto, District Representative for Anna Caballero’s Office, Cultiva La Salud and PIQE – will take a look at analyzed data which will have a meaningful role to play in comprehending the landscape of Merced and Stanislaus counties. What will we discover? Stay tuned to find out more!

For more information on please contact Sade Williams – PIQE Community Engagement Specialist – at or 559-498-9748.