Building Partnerships: A Message from our Partners

The success of any student’s academics rests on the ability to create a partnership between parents and the school. This dynamic teamwork ensures that students have sufficient resources to succeed. Three years ago, we welcomed PIQE to Northview High School to facilitate this much-needed partnership. PIQE has since been one of our flagship programs, with close to 300 parents graduating from this program in the last three years. This program is a difference-maker. You can make the argument that we can provide this information to our parents in-house through our counselors, but the proven level of efficiency that PIQE has accomplished is unrivaled. Our community is spreading the news and more families are heading our way, simply because of PIQE. The first year of inception, Northview High School was the only school in our district to have parents participate in this program and because of its huge success, the rest of our schools in our district got on board. This includes elementary schools, middle schools, and the other two high schools. The impact PIQE has made in our community is unheralded. Our almost perfect graduation rate continues to hold steady and now 73% of our graduating seniors last year were A-G compliant. This is one of the highest rates in the state. Student participation in Advanced Placement courses has increased the last three years, and each year 100% of our AVID students have been accepted to four-year universities. Additionally, parent participation in school-sponsored committees and meetings has increased. Our PIQE parents have gone on to join PTA, School Site Council, WASC and LCAP Committees. They attend our ELAC and have also become site representatives for DELAC/DAC. It is no coincidence that the increases in parent participation and student performance have paralleled the inception of and participation in PIQE.

– Principal Manuel Burciaga, Ed.D., Northview High School


Northview HS Parents Completed PIQE Programs

Northview HS Graduating Seniors A-G Compliant

“I feel so passionate about this parent institute because my parents also struggled to understand the importance of creating a college-going mindset. Many parents in our district do not have a working knowledge of the rigorous Massachusetts educational system, importance of attendance, positive self-esteem and the school system itself. Parents did not have an understanding of the grading system. We are bringing this powerful message in navigating the school system in different languages to all the parents in our district; certainly, now our New Bedford families know that they are not alone in this educational journey. They are made aware of the importance of utilizing community resources. This program allows them to feel valued and empowered to make their children’s dreams come true.”

– Orlenda Jackson, FISS Coordinator, New Bedford Public Schools, MA

“PIQE has been a valuable positive partner in our district’s goal to have 100% of our students graduate from high school and be college and world-ready. We know our parents are our most significant partners in accomplishing this goal. PIQE began as a small investment in our Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) three years ago. Today, PIQE is a district-wide initiative making a difference in creating an open dialogue with our parents so we can better support them and their students.”

– Superintendent Sergio Jose Mendoza, Burton Elementary School District