PIQE 35th Anniversary Event at UC San Diego

PIQE 35th Anniversary Event at UC San Diego

Nearly 200 guests arrived for the most memorable 35th Anniversary Kick-off event at UC San Diego. The warm and welcoming atmosphere on June 22, 2022 was palpable. Our guests, including school and community leaders, families and staff, mingled and shared poignant stories. Everyone enjoyed savory finger foods and creative libations. They strolled through time, following a gallery of old photographs from PIQE’s journey. It eventually lead them to an interactive wall capturing their very own PIQE experience. The evening was an opportunity to learn more about our mission, its people, and its impact on the community.

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Thanks and gratitude filled the room.

San Diego Council President, Sean Elo-Rivera, expressed his profound gratitude for the collaborations like these that strengthen families and communities. In honor of PIQE’s 35th anniversary, he presented a proclamation from the City of San Diego’s City Council. This was in addition to other meaningful recognitions from U.S. Representatives Juan Vargas (CA-51) and Sara Jacobs (CA-53), Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins (SD39), Assemblymember Christopher Ward (AD78), and Assemblymember Akilah Weber (AD79).

One of the most beautiful, if not emotional touchpoints of the evening was hearing from Juan and Lorena Lopez. They shared their story of how our mission positively impacted their family. With PIQE’s support, Juan and Lorena were able to help their two children achieve academic success. Today, both children are college graduates, embarking on successful careers. It is the Lopez’ hope to encourage families to seek support. And, above all things, to know that they are not alone. There was, of course, not a dry eye in the house!

The evening was, indeed, made complete with inspirational words from PIQE partners. We heard from UC San Diego’s Executive Vice Chancellor Dr. Elizabeth H. Simmons, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Becky R. Petitt, and Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla. It was Chancellor Khosla who said, “Because family is important to our Latino community, and it is important to us, we are working with PIQE to ensure that Latino/Chicano families receive multiple culturally relevant touchpoints from UC San Diego to eliminate barriers to college success by helping parents understand more about the pathway to college. By partnering with PIQE, we are able to advance our continued engagement of Latino/Chicano families in our community by increasing access to information that all families need to facilitate college-going aspirations.”

We stand on the shoulders of great leaders.

Apart from our wonderful partners and funders, PIQE has experienced success over the years because of our board members. It is their wisdom, foresight, and knack for decision-making that give us the vision of what is possible. We can then lift the voices of our families and celebrate their successes in social and economic equity through education. PIQE Board Chair, Karen Zamarripa has supported PIQE’s mission for more than 15 years. She shared her gratitude to all in attendance, including Dr. Alberto Ochoa—PIQE co-founder and emeritus board member.

Eventually, the evening winded down and the fellowship felt throughout the room gave us all a renewed sense of hope. PIQE CEO and President, Gloria Corral, closed the program. She, of course, thanked everyone who dedicated their time, talents, and treasures through the years. In the spirit of familia, she said, “We have experienced extraordinary and continual growth during this phenomenal and historical crisis. It is a testament to our partnerships, our shared commitment to respond to the families and communities we serve, and the incredible innovation, persistence, and resiliency of our team and our families. We will continue to build upon the incredible foundation and legacy of the past 35 years, write the next chapter of our amazing and impactful history, to make our social justice and educational equity mission that supports families in making dreams a reality for their children and for themselves.”

Additionally, thank you to our partners and to our sponsors, including UC San Diego, Union Bank, and Banc of California. You made this wonderful event possible. We could not have done this without you! PIQE will be hosting more celebrations in the coming months throughout California. So, stay tuned!