PIQE and SNAP Connect! are partnering to provide our staff and families a new interactive way to communicating! The PIQE APP allows an easy way to share news/events, engage with the community and participate in two-way messaging in the family’s home language!

Connecting with our families via the PIQE APP provides knowledge and skills to engage digitally, access new resources and opportunities. For our staff, the app allows them to send families personalized information that will not be lost in an email or on social media.

SNAP Connect! has successfully completed year-long security reviews by some of the largest school districts in the U.S. They are fully compliant with FERPA, COPPA, and other state data privacy standards. Its industry-leading security safeguards mean your data is safe.

Download the SNAP Connect! App

Available on the App Store and Google play

PIQE is committed to supporting our families with the adoption and skills needed to be engaged and informed. To communicate the importance of being active on our PIQE APP, we created videos for our parents!