PIQE and SchoolCNXT are partnering to provide PIQE associates and parents a new way to communicate! The mobile app allows instructors and parents an easy way to share news and events, send reminders, participate in two-way messaging in the family’s home language!


All content can be translated into a family’s language for seamless two-way communication between those who speak different languages. Voice recording is also available to allow us to reach each other in any language, even where machine translation is not available.


All posts and messages can be read aloud in English and/or a user’s home language, overcoming any digital literacy barriers that may exist. This feature paired with message dictation allows for direct communication between staff and families at any time.

Download the SchoolCNXT App

Available on the App Store and Google play


SchoolCNXT has successfully completed year-long security reviews by some of the largest school districts in the U.S. They are fully compliant with FERPA, COPPA, and other state data privacy standards. Its industry-leading security safeguards mean your data is safe.


Parents will receive news posts with information and links relevant to their PIQE workshop, schools, children’s education and community for continued support.


Parents can send a private message to their PIQE instructor or to fellow PIQE classmates to share resources or ask other questions about their school community.