PIQE Provides One-on-One Support

A recent article in The Fresno Bee highlights the challenges and struggles Fresno families continue to face and the steps they are taking to overcome and succeed.

One of our #PIQEParents, Elmer Blanco, shared his own struggles of #distancelearning and how PIQE has helped him and his wife support their children’s studies.

When the coronavirus shut down Fresno-area schools last year, Elmer Blanco feared his daughters would fall behind taking all their classes online. “All last year, I was afraid that my daughters wouldn’t learn much,” Blanco said.Blanco and his wife do not speak English, and their daughters are English Learner students. And while many daily challenges persist, Blanco said things seemed to improve significantly after his wife took a digital literacy class from PIQE.“She took all of PIQE classes and is now always checking on my daughter’s work step-by-step,” Blanco said.

Read more in the article by Isabel Dieppa