PIQE & Smarter Balanced Provide Social-Emotional Learning Tools

The Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) and Smarter Balanced have partnered to develop new social-emotional learning (SEL) resources. These tools will give educators the support they need to address the social-emotional needs of their students.

Our families have faced many challenges since returning to the classroom. Unfortunately, these challenges can affect our children’s education and well-being. According to parent surveys conducted by PIQE, 2 out of 3 parents were worried about their children’s emotional needs.

“Investment in family engagement training for teachers, principals, and support staff is key to ensure school personnel have the knowledge and tools needed to effectively connect and respond to needs.”

PIQE Vice President of Programs, Elizabeth Zamudio.

You can find the new SEL resources at Tools for Teachers, a Smarter Balanced website providing instructional and professional learning resources for educators.