Put Schools & Communities First – VOTE YES on Prop 15

You can make a difference in California’s future. Prop 15 is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to close a tax loophole used by a handful of wealthy corporations and reclaim $12b every year towards California’s future. We need all hands on deck to talk with our communities about Prop 15.

Please take action with us! LEARN MORE. Visit the Prop 15 action center (click get involved), and RSVP here to phonebank!”

YES ON 15:

  • Exempts homeowners, renters, and agriculture so they continue to be fully protected by Prop 13
  • Reclaims $12 billion per year in schools, community colleges, and local community services
  • 10% of the biggest corporate property owners will pay 92% of the funding
  • Gives small businesses reviving our economy tax breaks to hire back workers and grow
  •  Prioritizes transparency and accountability by requiring public disclosure of all new revenues and how they are spent.

Visit these sites to learn more about how Prop 15 will safeguard our rights to high-quality education.