Senator Monique Limón celebrates PIQE graduation in October

It’s Fall graduation season at PIQE! As some of our Fall programs conclude, we recognize the dedicated families who joined PIQE for many weeks to learn how to engage with their child’s education and their community.

In October, Senator Monique Limón joined us to celebrate parents at our Alvin Elementary School graduation in the Santa Maria Bonita School District. A diverse group of fifty-six parents, mostly immigrants English learners, graduated from PIQE’s Family Literacy Program. The Literacy Program gives families from preschool to third grade new tools and strategies to help their children read at home. Reading plays an important role in later school success. During the nine-week session, families take part in fun, interactive and purposeful activities they can do at home with their children.

Senator Limón inspired the PIQE graduates by sharing her personal journey in education and her work as Senator for District 19. In both Spanish and English, she reflected: “as a representative I use…my own family experience to pave the way that I lead on policy issues and to understand that that experience of being the daughter of immigrants, first in my family to go to college, who started my education in Spanish only are elements that so many members of our community go through.”

“I know first-hand that parent involvement matters. Parent involvement advances our students’ academic goals so they can achieve a college education and beyond.”

State Senator Monique Limón, California Senate District 19

PIQE is proud to partner with leaders who value and champion parent-teacher-school partnerships and are dedicated to ensuring families are part of the conversation.

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