Stephanie De Anda | Director of Philanthropy

Stephanie grew up in East Los Angeles in a Latino family where Spanish was her first language. Growing up she knew she wanted to work to address disparities for Latino, multi-ethnic, underserved communities like the one she grew up in.

She is now a dedicated and purpose-driven non-profit professional with a deep commitment to advancing underserved communities of color through education, workforce development, and advocacy. With a career in the nonprofit sector, she has relentlessly pursued empowerment and well-being enhancement for individuals and families.

Currently serving as the Director of Philanthropy here at the PIQE, Stephanie plays a pivotal role in empowering families to actively engage in their children’s education and advocate for their success in school. This role reflects her unwavering dedication to the mission of upliftment.

Prior to joining PIQE, Stephanie held positions in various organizations, including the Los Angeles Urban League, Crystal Stairs, Inc., Goodwill, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and AltaMed Health Services, where she developed a diverse skill set in fundraising, grant compliance, program management, and community overall engagement. Her impressive track record of coordinating fundraising initiatives, cultivating donors, and managing grants demonstrates her expertise in philanthropic endeavors.

She is a visionary leader and advocate who has consistently worked towards the betterment of underserved communities, leaving a lasting impact on every organization she has been a part of. Stephanie continues to be a driving force in advancing the mission of empowering and uplifting communities through philanthropy.