Mom and Daughter Reach Goals

By the third grade, I knew I wanted a 4.0 GPA

“My mother graduated from the 9 Week PIQE Program during my elementary years. With my father working late nights, I joined my mother during the program. By the third grade, I knew what a GPA was, how to calculate it, and most importantly, I wanted mine to be, above a 4.0. With my mother’s guidance throughout my school years, I was empowered to work hard academically because I had already envisioned a goal for myself, attend and graduate from a university with a doctorate, and knew what steps to follow. PIQE equipped my mom and me with the necessary tools required to reach my goal” stated Daisy.

Daisy Ochoa will be attending UC Davis in the fall 2015. Her goal is to pursue a medical degree in Occupational Therapy.