A triple pact between me, my daughter, and her counselor.

“I took PIQE’s Program when my daughter Nancy was in middle school. With my participation in the program, I started to check her homework daily and I spoke to her counselor on numerous occasions about what I had learned. Most importantly I learned how to better communicate with my daughter, especially because middle school can be hard. Our relationship became stronger. Then when Nancy went to high school, I took the program again. This time the program focused on the high school years. Through my involvement I’ve developed a strong partnership with my daughter’s counselor. I feel that the counselor gives me extra attention. Also, with my increased involvement in my daughter’s education, she feels supported and has worked harder to do well in school. I feel that we have a triple pact between me, my daughter, and her counselor—to work together to make sure she is college ready. Thank you PIQE.”

-Jeronimo Reyes, PIQE graduate Citrus Middle & Orange Cove High