UC San Diego Celebrates PIQE STEM Graduates

Nearly 100 parents completed the PIQE four-week program which provides parents the tools to learn about STEM and how to cultivate their student’s interest in a STEM career. In partnership with UC San Diego, five Sweetwater Unified School District schools San Ysidro, Sweetwater, Southwest, Mar Vista, and Chula Vista High Schools – offered the virtual classes to their families. The program topics include

  • Defining and Identifying areas of STEM
  • Its importance and how STEM forms our world
  • Tools to cultivate your students’ interest in a STEM career.

To celebrate the completion of the program, UC San Diego hosted a morning graduation celebration on its campus complete with shuttles from the high schools to the campus, festive music, breakfast, photos, keynote speakers, a tour of the campus and a celebratory lunch.

Families had an opportunity to hear from and chat with Frank Silva, UC San Diego Chief of Staff, Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Griselda Delgado, Director of State and Federal Programs at Sweetwater Union High School District and Southwestern Community College Trustee; and Roberta Camarena, UC San Diego Assistant Director of Admissions, Diversity Recruitment.

“For some of our parents, this is their first graduation,” said Patty Chavez, PIQE’s V.P. of External Relations. “We are grateful to UC San Diego and Sweetwater Union High School District for honoring and celebrating this milestone. Our families are an inspiration not only to their students but to other families as well. The knowledge they have gained will be passed on to their children, family members, friends, community and future generations. They are helping to build strong schools and communities. Our families are doing everything they can to support their children and help them succeed in life.”

Chavez shared that one graduate, who was not able to graduate from high school made this moment her time to celebrate. Fifteen of her families members – children, grandchildren, extended relatives – attended the graduation to cheer her on!

Families had an opportunity to chat with school leaders about their children’s futures. One mom wanted more information about “waitlisting”. Her daughter was waitlisted to her school of choice and mom was not familiar with the terminology and what to do. The day confirmed the importance of “community”. Coming together – in person – was spectacular.

Thank you to our fabulous San Diego team

  • Carmen Russian – Executive Director
  • Sergio Rosas – Deputy Director
  • Ariana Villafana – Associate Director
  • Adrianne Shaw – Associate Director
  • Petra Ortega – Associate Director