New Partnership Unlocks the Digital Divide

Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) partners with SchoolCNXT, by CNXT Digital, to empower families to connect as schools open across 126 districts.

The Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE), an evidence-based family engagement nonprofit, and SchoolCNXT, the leading family connection and engagement platform, are partnering to connect families to critical necessities to support education, health, and well-being. The PIQE – SchoolCNXT partnership brings together deep knowledge in family engagement, technology, and community building to empower parents.

In the wake of the pandemic, the digital divide made equitable education even more challenging. The COVID-19 crisis brought attention to how the lack of access and digital literacy has further disenfranchised our most vulnerable communities, such as low-income, immigrant, and English Learner families.

Like many states around the country, California districts are refocusing their family engagement efforts. Come the new school year, PIQE will roll out family engagement workshops, STEM workshops, and digital literacy programs across California. The goal of the PIQE-SchoolCNXT partnership is to bridge the divide and provide access to 10,000 of the hardest to reach families with SchoolCNXT’s two-way communication platform – empowering every family to connect to community resources, education, and employment opportunities. Parents will receive personalized timely information via the APP in their home language without impacting any data cap.

“Empowering parents is a critical need for our families and communities. While we have always recognized the importance of technology to help break down the barriers to engagement for families, the current environment has made the SchoolCNXT platform a must-have,” said Gloria Corral, the President & CEO of PIQE, “Together with SchoolCNXT, we will be able to not only connect and engage more families but create new strategies that empower our families to ensure their children reach their full potential.”

“While many of these families do not have access to computers, most have smartphones. mobile technology has been integrated into everyday life, making it an effective communication platform,” said Paul Caliandro, Founder of SchoolCNXT. “Together, we will connect and engage more families leading to not only empowered parents but entire empowered parent communities.”