We Agree with San Diego Candidates for need for Office of Child and Youth Success

Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) joined a coalition of child and family-serving organizations advocating for the new mayor and council to prioritize San Diego’s children, youth and families alongside traditional infrastructure and public safety goals.

A coalition of more than 30 child and family-serving organizations joined forces to advocate that the City of San Diego place a priority on the planning and resources to make the city the best place to grow up, learn and raise children. Citing the enormous stress placed on children, youth and families by the COVID-19 crisis — which has exposed inequities and chronic struggles of families in the city — the coalition argues that the time is now to create a dedicated Office of Child and Youth Success to help shift the city’s focus from managing development to structurally changing the way the city supports and nurtures the next generation of community members.

Read up on the coalition’s concept paper.

The Office of Child and Youth Success will fill a void and unify activities, support and services that are currently either missing or disjointed throughout the city. The office will facilitate cross-departmental initiatives, community partnerships and collaborative funding proposals for state, federal and foundation grants.

Join us by signing on to call for an Office of Child and Youth Success.

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