Across the Central Valley, we are witnessing amazing work, and for that we want to celebrate! Margaret J. Wheatley summed up our sentiment best, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”  Discovery is a significant measure for organizations and leaders. It determines what is most important to our families, and what is at the core of their concerns. Further, when done with great patience, consideration, respect and trust, our collective journey for discovery can lead to monumental transformation.  

“There is an antidote for hopelessness.”
~Destani Gerbrandt 

Case in point: The Children’s Movement (TCM) is one of many transformational discoveries and pillars of support and advocacy. TCM recently had its 9th Annual State of our Children Breakfast, a celebration of partnership, support, advocacy, and movement. Further moving our families toward a brighter future for students of Fresno County. We are here to encourage and empower Fresno County residents. It is our duty to advocate for community change that, ultimately, leads to new aspirations and hope for the future. 

In January 2023, with the help of Central Valley Community Foundation, Dinuba USD, Cutler-Orosi USD, Reedley College, and Nuevo Comienzo, we will support and engage families in the Southeast region of Fresno County.  Let us continue to be a community built on a foundation of trust and collaboration, openly inviting the voices of our families into critical conversation. After all, that is how we at PIQE define true success. We are, indeed, witnessing amazing work!

For more information, contact Sade Williams, Community Engagement Specialist, at 559.498.9748 or