Welcome Winter 2022 PIQE Alumni

Each quarter, thousands of parents across the state graduate from our evidence-based family engagement workshops. Like we say, “Graduation is only the beginning!” With PIQE, our families become actively engaged and take on roles in their community – both big and small. Forty-one parents from our graduating class of Winter 22 became active PIQE Alumni. They have made the commitment for themselves, their children, and their communities. Our families are ever grateful to be given the tools and skills necessary to support and encourage their children. PIQE Alumni share their stories to empower other parents to be PIQE Alumni and advocate for community change. Here are a few testimonials from our Winter 2022 graduates:

Communication and growth have much improved as my child moved from middle school to high school. This class was a great tool to bridge between a major milestone in adolescent life.”

Tiffany Lallande-Banks (Inland Empire Regional Office)

Estoy muy agradecía con PIQE. Como madre he visto a dos de mis hijos graduarse de Westmont, y ahora mi más pequeña está cursando el 10mo. grado. Mi hija mayor está a punto de transferirse a la Universidad de San José. Sigo apoyando a mis hijos en este caminar. Me da gusto ver que más padres se unen a las clases y apoyan a sus hijos en todos sus sueños.  Gracias por su tiempo y apoyo en las clases de PIQE.

María Inés Ortega Barrera (Bay Area Regional Office)

Help us welcome our PIQE Alumni Class of Winter 2022! For more on PIQE Alumni, please visit our webpage Alumni in Action. You can also contact Sade Williams our Engagement and Strategic Initiatives Associate at swilliams@piqe.org or 559-498-9748.