Join PIQE’s Black History Month Celebration Challenge!

Join PIQE’s Black History Month Celebration Challenge!

Embrace. Educate. Empower.

This February, the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) proudly honors Black History Month, a time to celebrate the rich heritage, achievements, and cultural contributions of the Black community. In our continuous commitment to uplift and educate, we invite you to join us in a special journey of discovery and acknowledgment through our Black History Month Celebration Challenge.

What is the Challenge About?

Our Black History Month Celebration Challenge is a dynamic, interactive social media campaign designed to spark conversations, share knowledge, and inspire actions that make a difference. Every weekday of February, we’ll explore different facets of Black history and culture, from the unsung heroes and influential figures to the vibrant arts, activism, and future changemakers.

How Can You Participate?

  1. Engage Daily: Follow us on @PIQEUSA and participate in our daily themed challenges. Whether it’s sharing a story, a thought, or a piece of art, your voice matters!
  2. Use the Hashtag: Post your contributions using #PIQEBHM2024. This is your platform to express, educate, and connect.
  3. Learn and Reflect: Each post is an opportunity to learn something new and reflect on the diverse narratives that shape our history.
  4. Spread the Word: Encourage friends, family, and your community to join in. The more voices we have, the richer the celebration!

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: Thursday Feb 1st to Feb. 9th – Historical Figures

  • Post about a Black historical figure.
  • Share a quote from a famous Black leader and what it means to you.
  • Post a photo or story of a Black inventor and their invention.
  • Reflect on a significant event in Black history.
  • Spotlight on Black women in history.

Week 2: Feb 12th to Feb 16th – Arts and Culture

  • Share your favorite piece of art or music by a Black artist.
  • Post about a Black author or book that impacted you.
  • Share a Black cultural practice or tradition.
  • Discuss a Black filmmaker or film that inspired you.
  • Celebrate Black fashion or designers.

Week 3: Feb 19th to Feb 23rd – Community and Activism

  • Highlight a local Black-led community organization.
  • Share stories of Black activists making a difference today.
  • Post about an issue important to the Black community and ways to support.
  • Reflect on personal or organizational actions to support racial equality.
  • Share resources for learning more about Black history and culture.

Week 4: Feb 26th to Feb 29th – Future and Youth

  • Post about young Black leaders or influencers shaping the future.
  • Share innovations or achievements by Black scientists or technologists.
  • Spotlight on Black educators and their impact.
  • Discuss ways to support Black youth in education.
  • Reflect on the future of Black history and continuing the legacy.