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Celebrate with our STEM Class from Anacapa Middle School 

Patriot High School family shares their journey for a better tomorrow.

Cesar Chavez Middle School mom shares her journey and hopes for her children’s future.

Patriot High School Mom shares words of wisdom to fellow parents.

PIQE Staff Celebrate Parents

Meet our parents!

PIQE Data Briefing 5.2020

California State Superintendent Thurmond, California Assemblywoman Weber and Education Leaders Share Survey Revealing Key Challenges and Growing Inequalities for California Families During Coronavirus and Distance Learning

Graduation San Ysidro

Amid the crisis and the worry of COVID-19, 40 Ocean View Hills Elementary parents completed PIQE’s nine-week Parent Engagement Workshops.

Lideres: Mixteco

Que es Covid-19 con PIQE Lideres Comunitarios Mixteco

Consejos del Principal

Conversación on Principal Manuel Burciaga de Northview High School

Que es COVID-19?

Conversacion con Directora de Departamento de Investigación y Promoción de la Salud, San Ysidro Health

Words of Wisdom

A message from Manuela Colom, Executive Director of Curriculum, Innovation and Inclusion at San Ysidro School District.

Graduate Reflection

PIQE Parent Reflects