Advocating for Equity

PIQE joined Californians Together, The Education Trust-West and other education organizations to review math draft chapters, provide feedbach and collaborate on coalition letters for the May IQC Meeting and June Mathematics CFCC Meeting. In addition, during the June 24-25 Mathematics CFCC meeting, we joined partners in providing public comment in support of Equity and ELs. 

“Ed Trust-West is proud to be working in partnership with CalTog and many other organizations to ensure that California’s revised math framework is grounded in equity and provides a clear instructional, research-based blueprint for serving diverse learners. Educators throughout the state are looking for clear guidance on how to implement the math  standards in culturally relevant and engaging ways, including for students of color, students who are gaining proficiency in English, and those learning in multilingual settings. It is imperative that educators, advocates, students, and families, all have a voice in the framework revision process and we welcome additional organizations to join our coalition.” 

Rachel Ruffalo, Director of Educator Engagement at Education Trust-West 

As shared by Californias Together, “based on our review of the chapters discussed at the June meeting, it is clear that there is a need to ensure that examples and strategies discussed to consider the needs of our diverse learners, including a clear integration of ELD standards and strategies within the Mathematics standards. However, we found much of the discussions of the committee promising as there was a focus on expanding cultural relevance and ensuring that the purpose of learning math was expanding to understanding our world and solving complex problems.”