Connecting Home and School: Digital Literacy, Inclusion and Adoption

Access to technology is a pillar in every household. Families will need the internet and technology to connect to learning, resources, employment and education. Digital inclusion and adoption into everyday life for all families will benefit students, schools, communities and ultimately our overall economic prosperity.  

PIQE expanded and enhances capacity in digital literacy skills by providing families with online learning that is linguistically and culturally responsive. Integrated into its evidence-based curriculum, PIQE provides the following training for parents to respond to their schools’ platforms and programs:

  • One-one-one assessment of each family by PIQE facilitator/coordinator in their native language to assess connectivity and online platform in response to current parent and school needs.
  • One-on-one coaching with each family in their native language on how to access multiple channels of online and virtual communication to acquire vital resources, connect with peers and teachers, and connect to academic tools for their family.
    • Coaching will include: establishing an email and how to use email, mobile technology, SMS/text, web navigation, push notifications, social media, video conferencing, and the school’s parent portal and website.
    • Parents will also learn about online security, protecting passwords, and prevent phishing frauds
  • Parents are invited to access PIQE’s Mobile APP for ongoing digital interaction and practice.

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We’ve seen an explosion of words and terms being used for our children’s return to school. What do they mean and why are they important? Check out our page with a growing list of words and terms that may be helpful.


Visit our online resource for support websites, information and tools. For resources in your specific region please visit our contact page for your neighborhood PIQE office. Here is a download of our Back to School Webinar Slides.

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Mobile APP

PIQE and Snap!Connect are partnering to provide PIQE associates and parents a new way to communicate digitally! The mobile app provides practice and encourages digital adoption as well as providing instructors and parents an easy way to share news and events, send reminders, participate in two-way messaging in the family’s home language during the workshop and beyond. 

Thank you to our partners and supporters who make our work possible.