Collaboration and a genuine partnership between the classroom and home are beneficial to everyone: teachers, parents, and most importantly the students. PIQE offers programs for both parents and teachers; helping to open up avenues of communication and improve the quality of children’s education. You can be a catalyst for change in your school community by partnering with PIQE.


If PIQE is already at your school:

  • Help promote PIQE’s Programs to parents through your school newsletter, webpage or during parent/teacher conferences.
  • Attend some of PIQE’s weekly sessions. The presence of teachers and staff let parents know that the school is truly invested in their children and that you care very much about their child’s education and success.
  • Speak to your fellow teachers in other schools and districts to spread the word about PIQE’s Programs.

If PIQE is not yet offered at your school:

  • Speak to your school administrator about the need for PIQE’s Programs. Find other teachers and school staff who will support your efforts.
  • Contact the closest PIQE office to set up a meeting with a representative who can discuss the details of the programs with you, the principal, and other staff members. Click here to find a location closest to you.
  • Professional development is required of all teachers. PIQE’s Six-Hour Teacher Workshop on Effective Parent Engagement is a great way to fulfill that requirement. Speak to the individual in charge of professional development at your school or district and request this workshop.


As a professor who teaches future educators, you are in a position to disseminate the word about PIQE and the benefits their programs offer to parents, students, and school communities.

  • PIQE Executive Directors are always looking forward to sharing information about our programs. Contact one of our regional offices to invite an Executive Director to give a presentation to your class. Click here to find a location closest to you.
  • If you are teaching graduate level classes, parent engagement is a great topic for a thesis or dissertation project. Encourage students interested in this topic to contact us. As they develop their project; our staff will be happy to share information about our organization and programs.
  • If service learning is a requirement for your students, volunteering with PIQE is a great way for them to fulfill their hours. We welcome the involvement of future teachers, as their time with PIQE will be a valuable learning experience.